Autumn Collection

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The Autumn Collection consists of three exceptionally crafted flavors that represent the embodiment of the autumn season.  From pumpkin to caramel apples!!

Carmapple: A satisfyingly potent autumn flavor combing creamy caramel, fresh crisp red and green apples, and a subtle creamy milkshake. The flavor is full, but well balanced. Once you vape Carmapple you will be coming back for more.

Pretzld: A unique flavor combining the sweet and salty characteristics from salted caramel with the salty and doughy profiles of a freshly baked soft pretzel. The ultimate autumn flavor for sweet and salty lovers.

Pumpkake: A pumpkin roll cheesecake that mimics the creamy cheesecake filling, graham cracker crust, and pumpkin spice to the full extent. The epitome of autumn flavors!