Beast E-liquid

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Beast E-liquid comprises of three insanely flavorful fruity energy soda recipes.  Beast comes in 60ml bottles that are packaged in attractive and unique tubes versus the same boring boxes we have become accustomed to.  

Beast will definitely stand out from the rest, but the extreme flavor and refreshing taste will have you coming back for more!  

A mixture of berries forming a sweet and tart blend, a citrus and grape combination that puts a new refreshing spin on grape flavors, and a tropical fruit soda with in your face flavor makes Beast a must have vape that never gets tiring!

We bring you... Beast E-liquid!  VAPE RESPONSIBLY.


Twist - A crisp and refreshing soda created from a mixture of berries, reminiscent of your favorite energetic soda.

Mega - An in-your-face blast of citrus and grape, reminiscent of your favorite energetic soda.

Punch - A satisfyingly potent tropical fruit soda, reminiscent of your favorite energetic soda.