Ohm Slaw Juice 120ml

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Ohm Slaw Juice was created in 2015 in Cincinnati, Ohio with the mission of providing amazing flavors at an affordable price!  Ohm Slaw has something for everyone from fruits, candies, beverages, desserts, and a tobacco!  Ohm Slaw's liquids have been a staple line on store's shelves for many years.  We strive to offer the best products and best service to our customers!

Pumpkake - a delicious creamy dessert flavor reminiscent of a pumpkin roll with a creamy cheesecake center.

Vapebow - an assorted array of candies with fruit flavors that match the colors of the rainbow.

Cacti - a refreshing orange pineapple soda with a crisp carbonation feel.

CusterPie - a decadent salted caramel custard with lightly sprinkled graham cracker crumbles.

Candy Man - a sweet powdered cherry candy.

CinnaSweet - a warm freshly baked cinnamon roll that is heavy on the cream cheese icing and light on the cinnamon.

Sherbsicle - a unique mixture of sherbet, rocket pop popsicle, and frozen custard.  Several treats from the ice cream truck rolled into one.

Man Cave - a tobacco flavor unlike any other.  Naturally extracted from REAL Nicaraguan cigars, this will be one of the truest to tobacco flavors you will ever taste. We add a splash of bourbon to the mix so the only thing missing from this man cave is the big screen TV.